The Luxury Of Power

As with most people in East Texas this weekend, our family had the pleasure of rediscovering the blessings of power. While we only lost power for about 8 hours, thanks to Ike’s winds, we made it a fun experience. Our hearts certainly go out to those who lost power for much longer and some who are still without power, not to mention the thousands on the Texas coast who lost much more than just power. For the Stone house, Trey said, “Dad, I wish power wouldn’t ever come back on because it feels like we are camping!” We walked around the house with flashlights in hand and even on our heads. Also, thanks to the ingenuity of my lovely bride, we  even roasted marshmallows over candles.  Of course the only candles we had were “meadow medley”, “floral formula”, and “enchanted evergreen” scented potpourri candles, but it worked nonetheless.  What a terrific reminder of the only true consistent power in our lives, the power of Christ (Phil 3:10)