Decision 2008

With all the rumors, media twists, blogging, and here say, who knows what to believe?  Almost every day, I have someone asking me, “Pastor, what does McCain really believe?” “Is Obama a Christian?” “What do you think about …?”  While I love to chime in (I’m not often lacking for words), I must weigh my conversation carefully. U nfortunately there is a heightened criticism these days for non-profits and their leaders “chiming in on politics” that apparently is dangerously too close for comfort for some.  However, I’m so thankful for the privilege to be a free American, to have access to the truth, and the voice I do have in expressing my vote.  As a Southern Baptist, I also have the relief of looking to godly experts for the real story on where candidates stand these days.  For example, the monthly periodical published by the Southern Baptist Convention called SBC Life recently shed much light in this area with it’s article “McCain and Obama” In addition the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission led by Dr. Richard Land is a tremendous tool for keeping biblical faithful and culturally relevant to contemporary issues.  Also, for more helpful information, check out

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