Speaking of Missions…

On the eve of this my own father’s birthday, it is such a joy to reflect on how God ignited the embers in my heart for missions through the never-ceasing coals for evangelism and missions in my dad’s life. Even though Dr. Glynn N. Stone, Sr. is recovering from major back surgery, his heart still beats for his missionary contacts, friends on the field, and prospects of impending trips. His physical recovery is the most pressing need, but his desire to “get back at it” is still contagious. The doctor’s most recent estimation about his condition is that he looks like he’ll be cleared for his trip to the Holy Land in December along with my mom and the group Angie and I will be hosting. Soon after, his plans to reconnect with the Baptist work in Cameroon, Africa will be fast underway. Medical Missions also has a niche in his ministerial outreach. I’m confident that God used his training in the Green Beret during the Vietnam War and his ministry experience since that time (Phil 1:6) to hone his present passion, for which I am most thankful. My prayer is that my own children, in addition to observing their own parents, will be doubly impacted by g-daddy’s zeal to share the Gospel.

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