Sacrifice Equal To The Demand

Mary Hill Davis, the name-sake of our Texas Baptist’s Mission Offering, once said, “There is a price set upon all growth and development.  The need of the hour is the willingness on our part to face new problems; the willingness to pay the price that the services demand.”  The demand is great and our sacrifice must be equal to that.  As I read that challenging quote from almost a century ago, I was quickly reminded of a similar heartbeat from a close friend of ours who has responded to God’s call to be a witness in Japan for the next year.  “Cindy” is a tremendous blessing to everyone she meets.  In fact the people she is investing in on the field have already commented how uplifting it makes them feel by being around her.  Angie and I continue to pray for and support you “Cindy” as the Lord brilliantly expands His kingdom through you.