The Reach Of Communication

While Mark Spitz accomplished the impossible, 7 gold medals at the 1972 Munich Olympics, it took most people much longer to realize his accomplishment then as opposed to his present-day successor’s immediate notoriety.  Within hours of Michael Phelps breaking Spitz’ record, he received over 767,885 Facebook fans and 7900 requests to be included as “friends.”
Personally, I don’t have a Facebook, although I have enjoyed observing my wife’s Facebook popularity with keen interest.  Today’s technology is a pretty amazing tool for people to “reconnet” or even “connect” for the first time.  It’s interesting to see this drive to network and join each other’s “friend” connections in light of the connections the family of God avails us as followers of Christ. 
This thought has made me ponder once again who actually reads my blog, other than of course, my wife, mother, and mother-in-law.  Here’s a little test, the first Mobberly staff member who actually reads this and contacts me, will be treated to dinner by Angie and I.  Please no additional help or even hints. Let’s just wait and see…

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