Christians On Social Networking

A new study from The Barna Group explores social networking as well as how Americans use digital technology to get the products, services, and content they are looking for. Of Christians:
27% have completed an online purchase this week
10% have a personal blog
26% watched a video via the internet this week
38% have listened to a sermon via podcast this week 
23% of all adults (Christian AND non-Christian) say they have downloaded a church podcast this week.
33% of all Americans have sent a text message via a cell phone
Having the means of reaching the masses is a wonderful medium, but I still believe that nothing matches the potential synergy of one-on-one life interaction, like discipleship and personal evangelism. According to David Kinnaman (author of Unchristian and lead researcher on this project) “Social networking and blogs can be effective tools to connect…[but] the key is using technology in a way that is consistent with our calling and purpose.”