Nine years or Nine lives?

As of June 26, Angie and I have been married for 9 wonderful years. As my mother used to talk about how my guardian angels must be working over time, I’m sure my wife can now, knowledgeably, be in full agreement. Some say it’s just that I like adventure or that I’m just energetic, or even just that I like coffee. Either way, I’m convinced she loves me just the way I am – I love her for that! Speaking of love, I’d like to take this anniversary to list for you 9 reasons why I love her.
9. She enjoys being a mom. She is truly living out God’s call. While some moms are stressed about the mess a water balloon can cause, Angie is the one filling and even throwing the water balloons with her boys!
8. We share so much in common – especially Starbucks (we both need it and both want each other to have it. Her favorite is the “nonfat, chai tea latte, with no water.”)
7. She feeds her desire to read and study God’s Word daily.
6. She’s more beautiful today than she was even on our wedding day.
5. She’s my best friend. Our new mantra is that we love to “dialog daily, date weekly, and depart quarterly.” (Great advice for every marriage.)
4. She lives the Power of a Praying Wife. She prays through this guidebook on my behalf every day. (She literally wore this book out and is on her 2nd copy).
3. She loves adventure too (whether it’s playing sports, ministering in Nome, Alaska in 20 below temperatures, or going camping when she was 8 and 1/2 months pregnant).
2. She works very hard to care for her 3 guys – helping us eat healthy, exercise, and rest.
1. She loves the Lord more than anyone else! – and did I mention, “She’s beautiful!”