Finally, an IPOD

I’m so glad some good friends of mine helped me catch up to this century by giving me an IPOD. I’ve spent so much time already enjoying importing, ripping, burning, syncing, etc. I don’t know if I’ll ever use all the features, but it sure is fun. Angie and I both are loving the convenience of our new techno toy. However, I have also discovered that my new toy can teach me much about time. Maybe you have heard of Randy Pausch’s “Final Lecture” at Carnegie Mellon University or Kerry Shook’s best seller, One Month to Live, or Solomon’s summation: “There is a time and a purpose for everything under heaven.” One thing is for sure our days are numbered and to use time without regard for God is indeed to lose it.

Did you know? The average American worker receives 108 e-mails every day; 243 million Americans own cell phones; Google currently indexes more than 3,307,998,701 web pages. Information is always available online. You can keep clicking forever. If you give in to it, the searching will never end. We now get more information in 72 hours than our parents likely received in a month. I’m learning to live by the 3 helpful tips to fight information overload (as adapted from Jan ’08 Reader’s Digest “Don’t be Overwhelmed by Technology” by Ron Geraci).

1. Set limits: Try an email signature that reads, “I’ll answer e-mail at ___ o’clock. If you need a quicker response, please call.”

2. Stick to a schedule: Handle recreational web surfing and e-mail at set times. Dipping in and out is a classic self-interruption.

3. Hit the “Off” button: Once a week, shut off your phone, computer, and electronic gadgets for the day. Read, worship God, relax, and recharge.

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