Eyewitness To Greatness

Why is it that when a preacher plays golf, no one seems to think the score or recounted story is infallible? I suppose that’s because, more often than not, the story is just that a “story.”  Well, this time, there were eyewitnesses to prove it.  I shot my first ever eagle.  There were no mulligans, no do-overs, no foot wedges, or other acts of golfing grace. The drive, with 7 interested onlookers, was straight, dead-straight, and 298 yards long.  A 225 yard 2nd shot to an elevated green rolled to within just 10 feet.  Thanks to a perfectly aligned putt, I recorded my first ever eagle.  Not only that, but it was on my first hole of the day!  What a way to begin!  Realizing this may never happen again with my bogey handicap, I sure am glad my friends: Jeff, Kent, and Randy, were there to witness this phenomenon.  I hope I won’t have to pay them to keep their memory straight.  If it could become a more regular part of my golf routine, then I wouldn’t have to spend so much time talking about it.  Sounds like the Christian life doesn’t it?  If our lives could reflect a daily diet of righteousness and Christ-likeness, then we wouldn’t have to make such big deals about the times we did make the right decisions, spoke up and shared Christ, or gave sacrificially! We are surrounded by eyewitnesses…let’s hit it straight!