Putting Problems Into Perspective

As I travelled to Arkansas on Monday to speak at a Leadership Banquet at my friend’s church,  First Baptist Church Van Buren, AR, my car’s air conditioning stopped working.  Though it is under warranty, come to find out, this bizarre accident is not.  The local Toyota dealership just informed me that a rock flew through my car’s grill work and punctured a hole in the AC mechanisms causing all coolant to leak out.  Not under warranty and probably covered by insurance, the problem gets worse.  The estimate to repair the problem is $700  but they can’t get the part to fix it before I leave town Wednesday morning.  Heading to another destination about 100 miles away, I’ll be sweating a lot, I’m sure.  Only to leave there two days later to head to a third engagement another 100 miles away. Finally, Saturday, I’ll return home, you guessed it, approximately 200 miles away. All this BEFORE I’m able to even try to solve the problem back home.
HOWEVER, this set back was put into sobering perspective today, when I heard that a fellow pastor and his son lost their lives today in a small aircraft accident in North Carolina, leaving his wife, and 5 children, and a huge South Florida church devastated.  Forrest Polluck was a wonderful man of God, a true leader in God’s kingdom.  Please pray for the people in this situation and see http://www.bellshoals.com/pastor for more information.  As I contemplate this disaster, the recent earthquakes in China, or the tornadoes in the mid and southern states, and other terrible tragedies, my air conditioning problems are no problem at all.