Insight Through Praying Together

Recently two pastors on our staff and I were praying together over a delicate situation that needed God’s intervention. What brought the three of us together  was the brokeness we shared over a particular ministry need.  It appeared that we were headed toward a direction that was exactly opposite of what God’s Word tells us, however, we did not have the plan or the strategy to avert it and set our eyes on.  Through kindred spirits, we began to pray aloud and together, as we prayed, an insight came to one of their minds. He simply prayed it out loud, and it set my thinking in the same direction but also triggered more insight. We came to have wisdom and new direction regarding the subject at hand.

Often in prayer God will guide by touching the understanding of those praying.  In fact, sometimes the group may start by praying in one direction but end up praying in another. Many times this will be accompanied by insight into Scripture.  This is a clue that God may be speaking.  While praying, the other pastor recalled an Old Testament text that truly described our situation. I have found that this type of God’s working is especially common among people who share a similar heart burden.