Luke's First Steps

We’ve heard the stories (and the remedies) for how to get your 17½ month old to start walking.  Well, all I can say is, the longer we have waited, the more rewarding it finally is to see it with your own eyes.  Angie and I were overjoyed last night to see Luke take his first steps!  It reminds me of what God must feel when He sees us come to Him on our own volition as opposed to calling God to come to our rescue. “Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.”

On a family outing last night, watching a few of Trey’s friends play baseball, Luke freely took his own steps.  He was enjoying the new-found freedom so much so, that his belly-laugh caused him to hit bottom.  After getting up, he did it again and again and again.  Special thanks to our friends Kevin and Stacey Brumley, and daughter Chloe for being there to witness it with us.  Trey was so happy for Luke and now ready for Luke to start running after him – though we aren’t quite ready for THAT.  Ironically, a developmental specialist came to the house that morning to observe Luke and his reason for not walking yet.  She was so impressed with his ability to say certain words so clearly and stack blocks. Obviously, Luke knew the reason she was really there!