I Love Easter

I love the fact that Jesus backed up everything He ever said on this earth by walking out of the grave.  We celebrated that so well yesterday at Mobberly – four times to be exact.  I’ve finally discovered how I could be in two places at one time. Our youth building, Elevation, had about 625 people in a service at the exact time our middle service in the main auditorium was going on.  We started with the preaching in Elevation so I could preach there then hurry over to the main auditormium  just in time to preach there also.  The youth and youth families loved the service at Elevation and we rejoiced to see our first baptism in a trough, the only option for baptizing in that building.  We definitely needed four Easter services for the crowd – we had 3725 people at church on Sunday!

While I loved preaching exactly what God wanted me to, there is one part of the Easter story that did not fit in this week’s sermon, but it has to be one of my favorite aspects to the story.  John’s Gospel depicts an orderliness to Jesus’ exit from the tomb that Easter morning.  In John 20:5-6, the text indicates that some of His clothes were neatly folded in a different spot than the other clothes.  I love that image. Jesus – calm, cool, and collected, took the time to “make His bed” before leaving.  He certainly was not going to return; so being the short-time guest in that borrowed tomb helps me to know there is never a need to rush.  Surely, Jesus would have reason to rush out of that cave filled with the aura of death; I certainly have no need to get frantic in this life.